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About Us

Big Tas Tea was incorporated under Registration of Business Act 1956 (Companies Commission of Malaysia) PG 037563-V and started its operation on 14th September 2015. Rebranding of Big Tas Tea was also consented by MyIPO (Perbadanan Harta Intelek) on 31st May 2016. Starting from 10th September 2020, our business status has been upgraded from Enterprise to Limited Company (Sdn Bhd) 202001027475 (1383795-U). Our company is led by efficient and assertive team of administration to provide a competitive and high quality service. Aimed to diversify as a Bumiputera Company that capable to offer business and job opportunity specifically for those enthusiastic F&B entrepreneurs. Our ongoing business activities are :


Food and beverages business

Big Tas Tea has been accepting positive reputation since 14th September 2015. Our company had begun to be recognized by nearby customers and was expanding our marketing through Rakan Niaga.



To become the most successful and outstanding local food and beverage  company which grows into global market.



To build 150 outlets in Malaysia, to ensure our customers satisfaction should be top priority and to achieve tremendous demand of the product indefinitely. 



To accomplish the annual business target, to prioritize the customer  satisfaction continuously and to develop business opportunity among youths and fresh entrepreneurs. 


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